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Private Lessons

Frisco ISD is extremely fortunate to have an outstanding staff of private lessons teachers.  This program is designed to enrich and further the level of performance of the musician.  This is a great opportunity for your student to get one-on-one attention with an expert on their instrument so they can further develop their skills as a musician.  

Parents are responsible for making payments on time on a schedule determined by the private lessons teacher.  Returned checks are unacceptable and will be brought to the director’s attention immediately.  Parents will be responsible for any fees given to the private teacher as a result of a returned check.

Even though private study is not a requirement for participation in the musical organization, it should be noted that most orchestra students who take advantage of this excellent opportunity progress beyond the norm and tend to be more successful at competitions and classroom assessments.  We have excellent, highly qualified instructors for every instrument that truly enjoy helping students reach their full potential. 

Enrollment for private lessons begins at the start of the school year, however, if at any time during the year you decide you would like your student to begin taking lessons please get in touch with one of the teachers below.  The instructors may have a spot available for your student, and if so, they can begin teaching them immediately.  If they do not have availability,  you will be placed on a waiting list.

To enroll in lessons for the 2019-2020 school-year, please contact Mrs. Moore.

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